Jewelry Care

Jewelry is a cherished accessory. Knowing how to care for and protect your jewelry can maintain its beauty and keep your heirlooms sparkling for generations.
General Care Instructions
  • Remove jewelry prior to showering, participating in sports, bathing, visiting the beach or pool. Chlorine and saltwater have the potential to harm your jewelry and erode soldered pieces. Consequently, the precious metal may weaken and your jewelry could break.
  • It is advisable to abstain from wearing jewelry while engaging in physical work like housekeeping, gardening, sports activities, or exercise. If it is not possible to remove your ring during these activities, it would be prudent to wear gloves that offer some degree of cushioning and support.
  • Store your valuable jewelry separately in soft pouches, compartments, or soft-lined boxes to prevent damage. Diamonds, rubies, and sapphires can scratch other pieces, including gold. 
  • Avoid contact between jewelry and household cleaning products, particularly bleach and highly reactive solutions.
  • Put your jewelry on after spraying perfume and/or hairspray.
  • Put your jewelry on after applying makeup and creams to prevent residue from entering the textured or gemstone setting. Residue diminishes the shine.
  • Regularly inspect prongs, clasps, and fasteners for worn down tips to minimize the risk of losing your piece.

Take Care of Dirt and Grime

  • Dirt and grime dull the beauty and sparkle of gemstone jewelry. This is especially true for rings due to frequent handwashing. Soap residue, lotion, sunscreen, and dirt build-up inside rings can dislodge gemstones and diamonds over time.
  • Clean your jewelry regularly.  
  • Use a soft, lint free cloth to maintain the lustrous appearance of your jewelry. Avoid using tissue paper, paper towels, or abrasive cloths that can cause scratching. Opt for a cleaning cloth designed specifically for jewelry.
  • Utilizing a gentle toothbrush and warm water is beneficial for mild cleaning.
  • Alternatively, consider visiting a nearby jewelry store for regular inspections and professional cleanings every 6 months.